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Quebec Food Processing Industrial Park Ltd.

Why Invest?

Food processing is a key contributor that strengthens the import-export system of countries and motivates labor movement from agriculture to manufacturing.

  • Nigeria's Food Market is projected to grow by 8.68% (2022-2027) resulting in a market volume of US$290.20bn in 2027.

  • Nigeria is the 26th largest economy in the world and the biggest in Africa.

  • The market has created opportunities for more investors to explore the agri-food value chain space in Nigeria.


The Agro-Food Processing Venture Scheme (AFPVS)

The Processing Plant venture is purpose-driven to provide all classes of investors the opportunity to invest in the food processing industry through the setting up of processing plants and storage facilities as an alternative income on a medium to long-term basis with a core aim of addressing price hiking of processed food products and creating jobs for agrifood-related graduates globally.

Our Business Structure

The promoters are cautious of the importance of building a solid business structure, and they are keen on engaging and investing in the best hands, qualified, hardworking, dedicated, and customer-centered, to ensure we build a prosperous business that will benefit all stakeholders, investors, and customers.

We have a working profit-sharing mechanism for all senior management teams and staff members in the medium to long term.

Frequently asked questions

AFPVS is an Agribusiness profit venture Scheme that allows you to invest your fund into Quebec Food Processing Industrial Parks Ltd planned Agro-Food processing plants to be set-up in the agro-processing industrial layout in Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates across the geo-political zones in Nigeria.

By your Investment, you are eligible to earn cash value return (CVR), for a tenure of 3years, 5years or 10years depending on the processing plant you desire and choose to invest in.

The following processing plants are planned for the agro-processing industrial park layout in Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates project sites and they are as follows:

Processing Cassava into:
  • High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF),
  • High Quality Cassava Starch(HQCS),
  • High cassava Fructose Sweeteners (HCFS),
  • Garri (Fried Cassava Granules),
  • Odourless Fufu (Cassava Dough),
  • Lafun (Fermented Cassava Flour),
  • Tapioca (Cassava Flakes),
  • Animal Feed
Other Processing Plants that deliberation is still ongoing with Manufacturers are:
  • Palm Oil Crude,
  • Coconut Oil Crude,
  • Rice Mill,
  • Plantain Flour,
  • Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL)
  • High fructose corn syrup (HFCS)
Tropical Fruits into Pulses, Pastes, Concentrates and Vegetables Processing Plant.
  • Mangos, Pineapples, Guava, Papaya, Tamarind, Amla, pawpaw
  • Onion, Ginger Paste, Garlic Paste and other spices.

The amount of investment varies from $2000USD - $7000USD per unit depending on your choice of plant to invest in.

Yes you can.

3years Plan, 5years Plan & 10years Plan

Yes. Quebec Agritech City and Farm Estates project sites is open for visitation every third Saturday of the month, any other day at investors request is solely the responsibility of the investor. Our social media platforms are also available for live-stream inspections on request.

You receive the following documents:

  • Payment acknowledgment & electronic deed of investment subscription Agreement
  • Provisional Letter of allocation for Land Asset backed security for your investment in Quebec Agritech City Residential Layout.
  • A Site layout plan (to identify your allocated plot.
  • Bank Guarantee (BG) for Investment above 100 units. (Optional)

You can hold onto the land for maximum of 24months. However, once you start earning returns, your right to the property is withdrawn immediately.

CVR payout to Investors shall be made quarterly and First payment of returns is 180 working days after commissioning of the plants.

Yes. We know that every business has its own risk, either systemic or non-systemic. At Quebec Food, security of investment and safety of investors' funds, trust are taken with Utmost importance. In other words, we know, understand and agree that we are investors' trust bank, and will therefore not compromise this fragile relationship. This has made the promoters to approach the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) and other stakeholders in the insurance sector as a means of risk management and mitigation when the plants are fully installed and production commence.

Our take-off products is centered at the Cassava Value Chain which are used by raw materials for food, , beverages, confectioneries, paper, textiles, adhesives and in pharmaceuticals; and this gives us an edge in the market considering our site locations (South West, South East & North Central Nigeria).
We are also launching our Food Network called the Q-BEC Foodies Network to spread all our products to every part of Nigeria, Europe, Asia and North America through other partners involved in Quebec Agritech City & Farm Estates project. The cooperative arm of the company “Quebec AgrifoodPro Coop Group” would also be saddled with responsibility of marketing our home food products (cassava chips, cassava starch, cassava flour & garri), our products shall be licensed under the company's brand registered trademark name Q-BEC FOODS and marketed at such.