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Our platform is intuitive, simple, and easy to use by all classes of investors participating in our regular online zoom investment and healthy dieting food webinars on the global opportunity in food and agribusiness for more informed decision-making.

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Our platform allows you to access data-driven insights and learn more about the agri-food supply chain global market demand, export values, and investment opportunities for decision-making on the cash value returns and tenure before investing in any commodity.

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Our business model enables equity-investment participation for investors to own a stake in our processing plants' startup and expansion to promote scalability and profitability.

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Farm Estate

The Farm Estate venture provides investors the opportunity to invest in investment-grade farmland in Nigeria and some countries in Africa, Asia, Europe & North America while employing sustainable Mechanized farming practices, impacting the lives of millions of devoted farmers for the cultivation of arable farmland across nations with the expectation of enhancing food security annually by increasing production and reducing post-harvest losses.

Processing Plant

The Processing Plant venture is purpose-driven to provide all classes of investors the opportunity to invest in the food processing industry through the setting up of processing plants and storage facilities as an alternative income on a medium to long-term basis with a core aim of addressing price hiking of processed food products and creating jobs for agrifood-related graduates globally.


This platform offers investors the opportunity of investing in the Agric mechanization space, thereby availing tractors, machinery, and trucks for farmers' usage to increase the number of tractors per hectare of farmland with the core aim of boosting agricultural yields.

Our Products

We are committed to cultivating, producing processing, and packaging healthy food products such as; high quality cassava products, fruits, vegetables, and others for Nigeria and the global market.


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Great Company! I have made multiple investments with Quebec Food. My experience has been excellent. Best of all, I get prompt responses regarding questions via call or email.


The agribusiness profit ventures scheme of Quebec Food is a welcomed development for social impact. This allows you to help and relate with devoted farmers, while also earning for your own future. Thanks to the promoters for this wonderful initiative.


Quebec Food Agribusiness profit venture investment scheme, has been an opportunity in most recent Agri-food value chain investment opportunity that you probably have not heard of, you can be a pioneer of hope for the grassroots farmers. Let us harness the power of many and together to empower our farmers and ensure their effort is seen across the globe through Quebec’ healthy and processed food products.

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Mrs. Ogbuabor Juliet Chinonyelum


Mr. Godson O. Onakpoma


Mr. John Ogunmosu


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